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O'Keeffe, Days in a Life

University of New Mexico Press



“When I got O’Keeffe mss I sat down after midnite at kitchen table when I should’ve been in bed & read it thru in an hour because it was interesting, curious, distinctive, focused, condensed, epiphanous, ordinary & understandable.

The details are all, sacramentalizing everyday life in a world of genius—a woman, vast space, chewy intelligence, almost selfless observation.”

--Allen Ginsberg, author of Howl and Other Poems

Weekends With O'Keeffe

University of New Mexico Press



“A serious, engaged poet, who was close to Georgia O’Keeffe and whose relationship with the Southwest also soars with light and certitide.”

--Ann Waldman, Naropa University



“Anyone interested in the painter and her extremely private daily life will find this thoughtfully detailed account fascinating, for beyond O’Keeffe’s high garden walls and guardian chows, Merrill observed “a visual feast.”

--New Mexico Magazine

Winner of the 2012 Zia Award from New Mexico Press Women